wtorek, 14 marca 2017

To surprise the performance of an experiment, professionalism and the ability to land in the second place; Repressed them ... Beauty! Physical attractiveness as an important factor showed it both gentlemen and ladies. In the case of men is something obvious in the end is known to have good eyesight. But even women preferred to associate with the conversation partner more beautifully than ugly. What women are looking for men? The old Arabic proverb says that a woman holds a character at a man, but attracted him to her beauty. And something else in it. When my little boy went to school, the first question was, "Can you be beautiful?" - Smiles Catherine Platowska, psychologists and therapists. And over time change, rather not: men who have a "need" for a woman, attractive, handsome and seductive. If you like, not only them, but also the competition: a their admiration of other people addicted when they look at their companion. Then "grow" because the woman at her side is her best advertising opportunities. What makes men think of a woman as attractive? German scientists have tested: on the male imagination works best with the ladies who show about 40 percent .. body. If it shows less, the visitor is not staring. If more, they will notice patch "loose". And despite appearing a large amount of the body show, is possible, not only in summer, when we wear sleeveless dresses and short skirts. In the winter, it can be exposed to charms: wearing tight-fitting jeans, a blouse with a neckline, fitted dresses and sweaters. In such a ciuszkach visible outline of the bust, hips, buttocks, but not quite, which is even more attractive for men.

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