niedziela, 19 marca 2017


Footer that today I want to show you I got a long, long time before as a gift. I wrote about them here - click. Today I decided to pull it and see what you can do. A can .... embroiders flowers, rosettes, circles. Out of curiosity, I groped the Internet and noticed that is sold as a footer to the application. Call me twice fooled observed whether this is the same foot because applications for me are sewn on the fabric elements that form an additional "picture". This foot in my opinion, the application will not create, supports their creation. So is this a footer to your application? With this shoe we can adorn the article embroidery on the different sizes, different shape of flowers. All through the round system design footer. But from the beginning put read right said same say sentence set she small some spell such tell that there they think this three through to too turn up use very want was we well were what when which with word you your your you word with which when what were well we was want very use up turn too to through three this think they there that tell such spell some small she set sentence say same said right read put port play out other or one on old name must much move mean low line library level letter let’s let lesson less leg left leave least learn leader lead lay law laugh late last large language land lady lack knife kitchen king kind kill key kept keep just june

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