sobota, 18 marca 2017

Pins on concrete blog sewing

Sonata to measure I just had to shorten my pants while sewing became my passion, the dust was in the corners, the soup boiled out of the powder, and my husband had to find out what the tab, rag and the closest to the haberdashery. In the shops I go to watch and I dress more and more often. On the blog I share my work, as well as sewing tricks acquired on my own - two years already - learning. Facebook Pens on concrete I am from my childhood. I started out of the tight doll's panties. First sewing machine, I spoiled myself faster than I have learned to sew, the other with the rest also. Grandma was not pleased ... I did not give up, I tried, I taught. Today I have my sewing machine. They work and they are good. On the blog I show that everyone can sew. Just enough to want Besides the sewing, I also have other creative surprises. Which type? See;) Facebook | Instagram Thinking Graphic Blog Think graphic Thinking artwork sews on your own and your leg, on the eye and on the subject. Fashion is curious, I like to look at it, I like to draw it, and sewing is a great way to express your style and thinking. I show that taking things in your own hands and before sewing clothes can give you a lot of satisfaction and is not that hard. I also take care of the aesthetics of the blog, good photos, which is why I will develop constantly and my husband without the help of this blog.

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